The night of science.

Last September 30th, Paria Pashazadeh Panahi, a PhD student of the University of Warsaw, participated in the night of the science in Kiel Germany. She joined the event with an exhibition area and various participatory activities in the Seeburg at the Kiellinie. The aim of this event was to know how and in which places people wish to experience science in the future. For this purpose, different concepts that Master, Ph.D., and post-doc students developed in the Erasmus, Mari Curie, and other projects were presented.

Breaking the Wall of Implantable sensors.

Last May 23th-24th, Jillian Gamboa, a PhD student of the Innovation in Materials and Molecular Engineering (IMEM) group travelled to Paris for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Conference held at the PSL Research University. On the second day, she competed at the Falling Walls Lab, a competition wherein PhD and post-doctoral students pitch their project in 3 minutes and answer questions in front of a jury and the audience. The competition attracts researchers from various fields such as chemistry, social sciences, and biotechnology. Among the 15 candidates, Jillian placed third with her pitch entitled “Breaking the Wall of Implantable Sensors”.