Available positions


WP2. Optimization of acid-sensing ion channels for sustained pH sensing.

Recruiting institution: University of Lausanne

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Supervisors: Stephan Kellenberger, Ivan Gautschi

Project description:

The project involves mutagenesis of acid-sensing ion channels to produce a sustained response to pH changes, electrophysiological characterization of these mutants, and expression as fusion protein and biochemical purification of selected mutants.


  1. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland). Protein expression and purification.

  2. University of Warsaw (Poland). Electrical properties measurements on planar lipid bilayers with ion channels.

PhD awarding entity: University of Lausanne

Qualifications: Those beside of the generall call.

Skills: Practical knowledge of molecular biology techniques, electrophysiology and biochemistry of proteins will be an advantage.

Experience: Those beside of the general call.

Expected start day: September-October, 2021