Available positions


WP2. Protein purification and reconstitution into lipid bilayers.

Recruiting institution: University of Teramo

Location: Teramo, Italy

Supervisors: Enrico Dainese, Sergio Oddi

Project description:


  1. Protein stabilization into the lipid bilayer and development of specific synthetic membranes.

  2. Expression and purification of selected membrane proteins.

Expected results:

  1. More efficient binding of the selected protein on the developed nanosensors.

  2. Ex vivo isolation from different cells of specific membranes for stabilization of the purified proteins.

  3. Production and use of different unilamellar vesicles for membrane binding affinity studies.

  4. Integration of the cholesterol sensing polypeptide with different supports (lipid bilayer and/or conducting polymer) to study the best options using also different systems to increase the signal.


  1. University of Groningen (Netherlands). Membrane reconstitution and microscopy.

  2. University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Measurement of ASIC modulation by small compounds.

  3. 4Dcell SAS (France). Training of organ on Chip.

PhD awarding entity: University of Teramo

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Biology, Biotechnology or related field


Required skills

  1. Basic knowledge in cellular, biochemical and molecular biology techniques are essential.

  2. Proficiency in the English language is required, as well as good communication skills, both oral and written. Successful candidates will need to provide an English test (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English). You may be exempt if you are a national of a majority native-English speaking country, or have qualifications / degree that has been taught and assessed in English. The supervisor can also confirm that a candidate has the required level of English.

Desired skills

  1. Primary cell culture experience

  2. Strong general computer skills, experience with databases and scientific applications, and ability to quickly learn and master various computer programs.

  3. Strong analytical skills and excellent judgment.

  4. Ability to work under deadlines with general guidance is essential.

  5. Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to complete detailed work accurately and record thoroughly.

  6. Developed project management skills.

  7. Strong interest in interdisciplinary research.


  1. Research experience (e.g. through Master thesis work or research internships) in cellular and molecular biology techniques are required. Practical expertise in biochemical characterization of proteins is required, while experience in overexpression of recombinant proteins in different host system is of advantage.

2. Expertise in lipid analysis and membrane protein biochemistry are a plus.

Expected start day: October 1st, 2021