Available positions


WP3-WP4. Development of new flexible and biodegradable conducting polymers in biosensors.

Recruiting institution: Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Supervisors: Joan Torras, Francesc Estrany

Project description:

Preparation of hybrid bioelectrodes made of conducting polymers and biopolymers as a transducer element of bioactive components to be used in implantable sensors. The bioelectrode to be manufactured must present the following properties:

  1. Electrical conductivity and a certain redox capacity.

  2. Passive static flexibility. iii. Passive dynamic flexibility.

  3. Chemical stability and biocompatibility.

  4. Bioabsorbability once its functionality has ended.

The electrodes will be prepared and integrated within an implantable sensor as a final experimental device using 3D printing.


  1. Mecwins S.L. (Spain). Building electronic circuits for sensor signall treatment.

  2. 4Dcell SAS. (France). Signal processing technology.

PhD awarding entity: Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Qualifications: Master and Bachelor degrees in the following fields or similar: biotechnology, chemical Engineering, biochemistry, and/or biotechnology.

Skills: Chemical lab skills, ability to organize work, ability to solve problems and typical practical difficulties in experimental work, proficiency in the English language, and knowledge of the Spanish language will be valued.


  • Experience handling typical chemical and biotechnological laboratory instrumentation will be valued as a merit.

  • Training in electrochemistry, polymers and/or materials science, will be valued as a


  • Knowledge of the operation of a 3D printer. Work experience with this type of device will be valued as a merit.

Expected start day: November-December, 2021